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Family & Group Volunteers are those who wish to serve behind the scenes or on the front lines with the guests and residents of Waterfront Rescue Mission.

The minimum age for serving at the Mission is 12 years old.  For the ages 12-17, adult supervision is required at a ration of: 1 adult for every 5 teens.

The minimum age for serving in a group at the Thrift Stores is 14 years old. For the ages 14-17, adult supervision is required at a ratio of: 1 adult for every 5 teens. For groups smaller than 5 teens, one adult supervisor is required.

All volunteers must be placed on the schedule in order to serve.

Volunteers must fill out the application. WRM_group_volunteer_app_fillable as well as the Media Release for each participant.
Please submit application to
For more information, please call 855-853-8655

Volunteer Opportunities for Families & Groups

**If your group would like to serve regularly, the leader of the group MUST attend the Volunteer Encounter.  Going through this orientation, they will gain an understanding of the Ministry thereby better equipping them to lead their group while in service with us.

Next Step

  • Once the paperwork has been received, you will receive a call from the Mission site to coordinate calendars.
  • This review and respond process could take up to two days to reply.