Homelessness is a complex problem. The circumstances that bring people through the Mission’s doors are nearly as diverse as the people themselves. Some have lost everything, including their dignity. Some have endured abuse and violence since childhood. Some have succumbed to depression and addiction.

Many people think of Waterfront Rescue Mission as just an overnight shelter, feeding and housing the homeless. Others know us from shopping in our Thrift Stores. Waterfront Rescue Mission is much more than that. Our organization owns and operates ten locations across the Gulf Coast. We work hard to address each person’s specific issues by providing personal, local solutions such as rescue, and recovery, as well as respite and veterans’ care.

While the issues that bring people to us vary widely, at its root, homelessness is hopelessness. With the support of generous donors like you, Waterfront Rescue Mission is able to offer them hope and more. Because of your support, we can provide the services, encouragement, stability and care they need to get back on their feet and onto a life of self-respect and self-sufficiency.