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The trusted leader in homeless Rescue and Recovery services since 1949

To fulfill any of these donation needs, contact us:

  • 850-436-7868
  • Construction:
    • Storage, either adding to existing structures or building a new one. A POD would even work!
    • Recreation Equipment. More physical fitness equipment would be helpful in keeping our clients healthy.
    • New outdoor lighting for our parking lot and kitchen entryway.
    • Powering our storage shed and installing a camera for security.
    • Soundproof our chapel offices. Clients and chaplains have many meetings that we would like to keep private and right now these offices are open.
    • Covered walkways to keep our clients and guests out of the rain.
    • New flooring for our Chapel.
    • Painting the facility.
    • Clothing area shelves in the Day Resources.
  • Material needs:
    • Lockers.
    • Wand metal detectors.
    • 20 6-foot long folding tables.
    • 6 6-foot round tables.
    • 50 white, plastic folding chairs.
    • Card Printer: For printing durable homeless ID cards.
    • 300 comforters. Thin, twin sized, and cozy!
    • Smart TV with DVD player and media connections for new classroom.
    • New desktop computers for clients.
    • Computers. Our clients use them for finding and applying for jobs in Day Resources and our Computer Lab.
    • New copy machine.
    • Lawn and Garden equipment.
    • Vacuum cleaner.
    • Microwave. One that would be hardy and durable, but also very simple to use.