Following Jesus… Serving The Homeless

Imagine you’re on the streets with no money, no home to go to, and no one to help you. Where will your next meal come from? Where will you sleep tonight? Who can you trust?

People fall into homelessness for many reasons. For some, it’s substance abuse, but many others who work hard become overwhelmed by an unexpected illness, loss of employment, or simply the rising costs of living.

We believe that everyone needs a safe, warm place to sleep and, since 1949 the Waterfront Rescue Mission has provided such a place. Every night, up to 395 men and women seek refuge at one of the Mission’s shelters. In 2015, the Waterfront Rescue Mission provided more than 111,000 nights of shelter to homeless men and women in our community.

Waterfront Rescue Mission has two men’s shelters across the Gulf Coast:

Waterfront Rescue Mission meets everyone where they are at in their life. For some, they qualify for Extended Service that the Mission offers. These services are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Never before has the need to care for those less fortunate been more pressing. We are experiencing a growing demand for meals, beds and services across the Gulf Coast.