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Veterans Memorial Pavers

You have the opportunity to show your support for our veterans with a personalized paver in our new Appleyard Veterans Memorial. Your paver will help support our Veterans’ Care Program and will honor a veteran in your life.

About Your Paver:

$150 donation* per paver (helps support our Veterans’ Care Program)

4” x 8” paver with two customizable lines for your message (up to 20 characters per line, including spaces)

Click here to purchase your personalized Memorial Paver:

• If you prefer to pay by mail, call today to request a printable order form, 850-478-4027.

1 Paver ($150 donation*)

2 Pavers ($300 donation*)

3 Pavers ($450 donation*)

4 Pavers ($600 donation*)

5 Pavers ($750 donation*)

About Our Veterans Memorial:

Located in the center of the Mission, our Veterans Memorial will serve as a tribute to all those who sacrificed their lives for our nation’s freedom. It will serve as a source of encouragement and a place of respite for the many veterans who seek help at Waterfront.

207,000 Meals in 2018
That’s how many meals we served last year.

$3.5 Million
That’s the annual savings to taxpayers by providing emergency shelter, transitional housing, access to medical care, and other services.

Our History of Serving Veterans:
We have a long history of serving veterans in our community. Our chief goal is to help veterans get the assistance they need to become and remain self-sufficient. At Waterfront Rescue Mission, we are proud to serve those who risked their lives every day to serve our country.

• Veterans account for 7% of the nation’s homeless population.
• Up to 14% of all men seeking help at Waterfront Mission are veterans.
• In our Veterans’ Care Program, homeless veterans work with a representative from the local VA to secure eligible benefits such as pension, housing, and medical assistance.
• But getting benefits takes time. Once they enter the program, veterans who are eligible for VA benefits can stay up to three months at Waterfront Mission in Pensacola or Waterfront Mission in Mobile.

Want to do more? Become a sponsor. (click here to download a sponsor package)
You now have the unique opportunity to show your support for our veterans by sponsoring the Veterans Memorial at Waterfront Rescue Mission.

Monument Sponsor – $5,000 (learn more)
The Veterans Memorial will feature a memorial monument dedicated to each branch of service:

• Army – SOLD
• Navy
• Air Force – SOLD
• Marines – SOLD
• Coast Guard

Memorial Cornerstone Sponsor – $2,500 (learn more)

-SOLD OUT- Memorial Bench Sponsor – $2,500 -SOLD OUT-

Memorial Tree Sponsor – $1,500 (learn more)

Click here to download a sponsor package.
or email:

To learn more about the Veterans’ Care Program at Waterfront Mission, click here.

*The estimated value of goods or services provided in return for your donation is $20 per paver. The tax-deductible amount per paver is $130, as allowed by law. Consult your tax adviser for details.