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The trusted leader in homeless Rescue and Recovery services since 1949

Meet Michael. Michael owns and operates a lawn care company. He makes a point to hire men who have struggled with addiction or spent time in prison, or both. When Michael finds someone in need of help, he contacts the Mission.

Michael knows firsthand how difficult it is to turn one’s life around and how much the Waterfront Rescue Mission can help. That’s because over twenty years ago, Michael came to the Mission to overcome his addiction.

“I’d been using crack for a long time. My family took me to rehab, but the waiting list was too long. I knew I needed help right away,” he recalled. “When I walked into the Mission, I noticed a sign that said, If you haven’t got a friend in the world, you will find one here and I did. It was like coming home.”

Michael completed the Mission’s Recovery Program in 1995 and has been clean ever since. When he graduated, he got a job and eventually worked his way up to opening his own business.

“Right now I have seven employees. My goal is to grow my business so I can employ more men who need a second chance. If you have a felony or even a misdemeanor, it’s hard to get a job, so I want to help people coming out of Waterfront Rescue Mission.”

The world is a better place because Michael walked through the Mission’s doors all those years ago. The Mission was able to give him the help he needed to get his life back on track. Now he uses his experiences and success to help offer a second chance to others in need.

Michael contacted the Mission recently and asked to bring in one of his employees for the Recovery Program. There are always more in need of help and hope. And the cycle renews.

The world is a better place because Waterfront Rescue Mission is there to help Michael and others like him break free from addiction, begin life anew, and continue to pay it forward with good works of their own.

The world is a better place because people like you make wonderful stories like this possible. Your generosity allows the Mission to continue their goal to “Demonstrate God’s Goodness by Providing Rescue and Recovery Services in Jesus’ Name.” Because you give to the Waterfront Rescue Mission, your gift will start a legacy of transforming lives now and in the future.

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