Leave a Lasting Legacy of Hope

Whether you’re planning your estate of honoring a loved one, your gift brightens the futures of those facing homelessness. Thank you for ensuring our ability to always help our neighbors in need.

Legacy Giving

If you don’t have an estate plan, the State will distribute assets according to their formula. This means that treasured mementos may not go to the persons you intended; important people in your life may be overlooked; and the ministries you support, like Waterfront, will be forgotten.
The best way to avoid this, and to minimize estate taxes, is to prepare a will or trust. These documents allow you to stay in control of your assets and leave a legacy of hope for future generations. For specific information, we suggest you talk to your financial and tax advisors.
Planned giving can help you:
·      Reduce your income taxes
·      Increase your spendable income
·      Achieve worry-free asset management
·      Automate giving
·      Avoid capital-gains tax
·      Retain payments for life

Leave your money in good hands.

Fill out our form to show your intent to give.

Plan your beneficiaries using our free will software.

Write your own will.

Memorial Giving

Your gift, in memory or in honor of a loved one, a friend or special occasion, is not only a thoughtful way to pay tribute to someone special but also a wonderful way to help meet the needs of those less fortunate in your community.


A contribution may be given in lieu of flowers for a loved one who is deceased or to honor special occasions such as, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and graduations.


By Check or Money Order
Download the honor/memorial gift form and mail with your check or money order to your local Mission. View the addresses of our Missions here. 

Have a question?

Our Foundation team is happy to speak with you more if you have questions, with no obligation.