Overnight Shelters

Providing a warm bed for men in need since 1949.

Overnight Shelters For Men

Every night, hundreds of men seek refuge at one of Waterfront Rescue Mission’s shelters. Imagine you’re on the streets with no money, no home to go to, and no one to help you. Where will your next meal come from? Where will you sleep tonight? Who can you trust?


Each year, Waterfront provides about 40,000 nights of shelter to homeless men in our community. These men have fallen into homelessness for many reasons. For some, it’s substance abuse, but many others who work hard become overwhelmed by an unexpected illness, loss of employment, or simply the rising costs of living.

Waterfront Rescue Mission has two men’s shelters:

Pensacola Campus
348 West Herman Street
Pensacola, Florida 32505
Mobile Campus
279A North Washington Ave
Mobile, AL 36603

Support for the Chronically Homeless

We also offer extended stay opportunities for our Chronically Homeless guests, those men who indicate that they want more than a night of shelter; they are seeking a path out of homelessness.

We provide designated space for them to stay with us for weeks or months – whatever it takes – as our staff helps them build a practical plan to get out of homelessness. We work with them on developing valuable life skills that in return will help them land a job, secure affordable housing, manage a budget, and continue on a path towards sustainable life change.

Help Us Serve Men in Need

Thanks to the support of our community, we can provide the services, encouragement, stability, and care our guests need to get back on their feet and onto a life of self-respect and sustainable life change. Please consider making a donation and supporting our mission.

If you or someone you know is in need of housing assistance, learn more about our homeless services.