Meet George

Before I came to Waterfront Mission, I had one foot in church ministry and my other foot in hell – and I could die at any moment. Let me explain how I got here. 

I grew up in a Christian home, but my father was an abusive alcoholic who left me with a lot of trauma and a heart filled with overwhelming anger. 

At 18, to cope with the trauma, I turned to drugs and alcohol, which I’ve struggled with ever since. Yet, at the same time, I also loved the Word and the church. I loved talking about Jesus, and I even served as a missionary in Haiti. 

Sometimes, drugs and my mental health issues got the better of me. Off and on, I ended up homeless here in Pensacola. I also suffered serious health issues.

I’ve had two heart attacks and two stents put in my heart. My doctor warned me that a third one would kill me. That scared me enough to come to Waterfront Mission, to deal with my issues for real.

 “Since coming to the Mission, God has truly transformed my heart.” 

At first, however, I was still so angry I struggled to really face those issues. But then I saw all these other vulnerable men here with me, especially the seniors and those with physical challenges. I heard God call me to serve them. 

The more I gave my life away, the more my anger melted away, and I could face my own vulnerabilities in counseling, prayer, and Bible studies. Since coming to the Mission, God has truly transformed my heart – and I already know where I’m going. Recently, God promised me, “I will make you fishers of men.” Today, I’m planning to go back to Bible school so I can teach the Word. 

George has hope this Christmas – and he’s grateful for you. “This Christmas, thank you for giving me this incredible gift of sobriety, health, and a future,” he says.