Meet Kevin and Jennifer

Kevin and Jennifer were at their son’s bedside as he lay dying from his addiction. “We both promised Mitch that we would tell his story of what the Mission and God had done for him,” Kevin says. “He wanted people to know.”

It wasn’t the story they’d expected to be telling about their son’s life. He’d been raised in a loving, Christian home and even volunteered with his church to serve meals here at Waterfront. But when he was a teenager, Mitch began experimenting with drugs and developed an addiction that led him down a dark road, far from the Lord.

“At the height of his addiction, he was living in a homeless camp and told us that he looked evil in the face there and was terrified,” Jennifer says. “He wanted to go somewhere where he could find the light of Jesus to drown out the darkness, and the only place he knew was Waterfront.”

That’s when Mitch came to the Mission, and through our LifeBuilder Recovery Program, found his way back to the Lord. “He had his Bible with him all the time and was constantly watching preachers and listening to Christian music,” Kevin says. “He was happy and smiling again.”

But before Mitch could graduate, the pandemic hit and forced us to shut down the program. And though we found him a sober living program and his parents supported him in every way they could, eventually Mitch relapsed and passed away.

“The good news is that, because of all the love and teaching that was poured into him at the Mission, we know that he had a relationship with Jesus Christ and that he’s now in heaven, waiting for us,” Jennifer says.

“We’re going to see him again someday.”

Thank you for sharing God’s love with Mitch. His life was renewed through the joy and hope of the Gospel! “It’s the best success story ever, knowing that our son is with his Savior.”

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