Meet Ray

Ray served our country in the Navy in the height of the Vietnam Era. He accepted the Lord after his service ended, but by the 80s he had turned his back on his faith and spent the next 30 years running from God.

After several bouts of homelessness and time in prison, he was desperate for help. Ray moved into Waterfront, and at one of the chapel services here, he recommitted his life to the Lord.

Ray found himself homeless and came to Waterfront for help.  In our Veterans Care Program, Ray was connected to the VA and got the help he needed.  Through the program, veterans without a support system have a place to go to deal with the trauma of war. It’s a place where they can recover and, as Ray did, eventually move on to lead a stable, self-sufficient life.

The VA helped Ray find permanent housing while he was staying at Waterfront.

“I’m in heaven here,” Ray smiles as he tells us about his new apartment. “I watch the ducks on my patio. I spend time with God, and I have a place to pray out loud and be alone with the Lord. It’s so peaceful. It’s just incredible.

“The thing about Waterfront is that they don’t make you feel like you’re begging,” he continues. “They reach out to you and make the transition so easy. They rescued me from the street and helped me get back on my feet. They gave me direction, purpose and something to look forward to… if I hadn’t come here, I wouldn’t be where I am now, no question.”

Your support gives veterans like Ray a place to heal, recover, and find peace once their service has ended. We are proud to serve those who risked their lives to serve our country, and we are grateful for your partnership as we care for these brave men.