Dennis’s Story

man who has completed our recovery program

Meet Dennis. Dennis came to Waterfront in 2012 after spending 15 years abusing every drug imaginable and living on the streets in both Birmingham and Pensacola. While at Waterfront he graduated from our Recovery Program and learned about the importance of accountability in living a sober life. Eight years into his sobriety journey, Dennis found…

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Bobby’s Story

Bobby is another year clean and sober!  For twenty years he had struggled with the vicious cycle of drinking and drugs. This led to other destructive habits, job losses, and broken relationships with family. He came to Waterfront for our Recovery Program and prayed to God asking for help. Bobby made the commitment to change…

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Meet Bobby

client who has been helped by waterfront rescue mission

Meet Bobby.    Bobby was living homeless when he was struck by a car while walking along the roadway.  He sustained serious injuries.  It ended up being his wake-up call.  “After the hospital put my body back together, they sent me to Waterfront,” he said, following a five-day hospital stay.  During his weeks-long stay in Waterfront’s…

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